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Cave is a collaborative, interdisciplinary artscience installation that merges the 'mind' of 35,000 year old cave art with the most current brain research. Our team is developing an interactive, multisensory work in which the viewer-participant (VP) brainwaves (through use of current neuro-feedback technology) will generate light and sound in a surrounding, filmic environment that echoes cultural memory and bridges the origins of art with the latest advances in neuroscience. The VP informs and becomes part of the artwork, thus blurring the perceptual boundaries between art and artist, and unifying the internal and external cave.

The NeuroCave Collaborative: Sara Mast (art); Jessica Jellison (architecture); Bill Clinton (digital fabrication); Jason Bolte & Linda Antas (music); John Miller (neuroscience); Brittany Fasy & Dave Millman (computer science); Chris Huvaere (software developer); Barry Anderson (digital artist), and Zach Hoffman (photography).

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