• Knob Hill

    Knob Hill

    1,800 sq.ft. custom home designed collaboratively with Architect Jack Smith FAIA. Landscape Architecture by Peter Ker Walker. The design maximizes…

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  • House III

    House III

    3,700 sq.ft. custom home designed by Architect Jack Smith FAIA. The design has expansive glazing allowing for views to surrounding…

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  • Midfield St.

    Midfield St.

    Design of a 2,300 sq. ft. custom home located in the Legends Phase II subdivision in Bozeman, Montana. Oriented for…

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  • Cree St.

    Cree St.

    Design of a 2,915 sq.ft. custom home in the Legends Phase III subdivision in Bozeman, Montana. Oriented for passive solar…

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  • Dojo + Acupuncture + Apt.

    Dojo + Acupuncture + Apt.

    Design of a mixed-use project in Gallatin Park commercial subdivision combining a 2,500 sq.ft. clear span multi-purpose community recreation space,…

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  • Cave


    Cave is a collaborative, interdisciplinary artscience installation that merges the 'mind' of 35,000 year old cave art with the most…

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  • Black (W)hole

    Black (W)hole

    Art + Science Collaboration with Sara Mast (art), Chris O'Leary (animation), Cindy Stilwell (film), Jason Bolte (music), Charles Kankelborg (physics)…

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  • Waters St.

    Waters St.

    Design of a 2,390 sq.ft. custom home, detached garage, and 530 sq.ft. guest quarters located in Valley West subdivision incorporating…

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  • Granny Pad

    Granny Pad

    Design of a contemporary 600 sq.ft. ADA accessible dwelling unit situated behind an existing single-family residence. The design is oriented…

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  • Ranch at Poison Creek

    Ranch at Poison Creek

    Extensive Site Analysis and Master Plan of a 10 acre ranch campus outside Livingston, Montana. Private residence designed to take…

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  • Black (W)hole P.

    Black (W)hole P.

    Collaboration with Eric Loberg of Museum of the Rockies to translate Black (W)hole installation into a planetarium art segment piece…

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  • Washington ST

    Washington ST

    Custom home located in a northwest lakeshore setting designed by Architect Jack Smith FAIA. The design retains privacy from the…

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  • TIBS


    Co-invention with Jack Smith, FAIA for a Thermally Isolated Building System. Principle goals of design include solving an inherent problem…

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